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Sale order your Cute Tiger Glass Baby Bottle With Removable Colic Straw today for only $26.95

Cute Tiger Glass Baby Bottle With Removable Colic Straw

$26.95 $43.99

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Glass baby bottle
Diaper Clothing

Product Description:

Glass bottles are best! Many breastfeeding mothers may not know it, but you shouldn't store your breastmilk in platic bottles! Though plastic bottles are now made BPA free, there are still many negative factors about using plastic baby bottles. While it is a fact that glass can break if dropped and tend to be heavier, glass bottles are FAR less harmful to your baby and don't hold the germs and stains that plastic bottles do. These days, to help with dropped bottles, there are also great silicon wraps that can go around your glass bottles as well. Making the healthier choice for your baby is what all parents aim for. Make the right choice and go glass! This bottle also has a removable straw that helps reduce colic. 


Item Details:

Material: Glass
Pattern Type: Solid
Material Feature: BPA Free
Shape: Arc Type
Mouth Size: Wide Mouth
Capacity: 240ml
Handle: No
Packaging: Single loaded
Type: Baby Bottle
Caliber specification: Wide aperture
The shape of: Arc
Whether or not to bring the handle: Without a handle
The material: glass
capacity: 240mL
colour: Pink, yellow, green, blue

Baby Bottlefeeding bottlesGlass bottlespyrexwide mouth baby glass bottle

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