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Sale order your Clip on Baby Toy today for only $7.95

Clip on Baby Toy


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Baby toys
Diaper Clothing

Item Description:

Wonderful learning toy. These infant toys are able to clip onto just about everything. Keep your baby's mind engaged while working on dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Allow your baby to learn by touch, sight, and sound. This engaging toy will vibrate gently when the toy's legs are pulled down. Great for use on strollers, hanging over cribs and bassinets, and on carriers. The soft fabric lets your baby cuddle close when the toy isn't locked in place. 


Product Specifics

Gender: Unisex
Model Number: Bed Hanging Toy
Features: Soft,Stuffed
Package: Separates
Size: --
Brand Name: VKTECH
Shape: Animal
Material: Plush
Age Range: < 3 years old
Dimensions: --

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