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Sale Selfie Sticks and Tripods Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Handheld  Selfie Stick +Tripod+Holder

Bluetooth Selfie Stick,Tripod and Holder


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Selfie sticks and tripods

 Ready to improve your selfie and take a better photo? We've got the technology that you need to build a better selfie.Basic selfie stick that can be used with literally any type of phone ,featuring bluetooth technology to allow you to use it as the remote that it should be.

 GET THE LOOK YOU WANT WITH OUR 4in1 Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Remote Shutter+Handheld Cellphone Selfie Stick Monopod+Tripod+Holder for IOS Android Smart Phone

The best of the best in selfie sticks this features a zoom button to allow you to get as close as you can. It includes:
 - Bluetooth Version: 4.0 
 - Can be extended to 75cm 
 - Built-in 100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery

The selfish stick features a cable, bluetooth, a tripod, remote contro and fits the following systems:

Android 4.2,Android 4.1,Android 4.0,Android 4.4,iOS 8,iOS 7,iOS 6,iOS 5,iOS 4,Android 3.0,Android 3.1,Android 3.2,Android

Folding Length
30cm / 11.8inch

Clip Holder Range 5.5 - 8.5cm
Product weight 0.157 kg
Package size19.5 x 7.1 x 4.6 cm / 7.66 x 2.79 x 1.81 inches

Bluetooth Selfie Stickscell phonenewSelfieselfie sticksTripodwired selfie sticks

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