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2018 Fashion Polarized Mens Sunglasses Bamboo
From $63.95
Item Description If you're looking for something of a trend setter this summer, these sunglasses will do the job. We're loving the Earth with these crazy cool biodegradable frames! Made of 100% bamboo, these are some of the best sunglasses out there today! Choose from many different lens colors. Product...
2018 Bamboo Sunglasses Men Wooden
From $36.95
Item Description Bamboo is sustainable, it's comfortable, it's long lasting and it is attractive.  What's more, bamboo is cost effective and that's what you get when you buy our  UV protective bamboo sunglasses. Style, safety and cost effective pricing. Check out the many different styles of bamboo sunglasses. Product Details...
2018 New Women Handmade Bamboo Sunglasses
From $65.95
Item Description Chic and sexy. These bird eye sunglasses aren't just totally retro, they're made of bamboo! That means that not only are they green and better for the environment than traditional sunglasses, they also float! No more worrying about losing your sunglasses over the side of the boat and...
Polarized Bamboo Wooden Sunglasses
From $63.95
Item Description Definitely a unique trend setter! These handmade bamboo sunglasses are perfect for your upcoming summer vacation or any vacation that calls for fun in the sun! If you're looking for a great new look to go with your new swimsuit or sexy tan, then these are going to...
2018 Polarized Bamboo Sunglasses
From $36.95
Item Description Going Green is one of the best ways to preserve the Earth so why not get yourself a great pair of 100% bamboo sunglasses? These sunglasses are great for beaches and boat rides! If you lose them in the water, they float! New and fashionable, get a pair...
Polarized Dark Bamboo Sunglasses
From $63.95
Item Description This variation of bamboo sunglasses allows you to mimic the great look of having black shades to go with just about every outfit that you have. These sunglasses are both trendy and chic and come in various lens colors. Don't worry about dropping them in the water at...
Wood and Bamboo Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses
From $36.95
Item Description In a word, Retro! These bamboo sunglasses are p trendy! Not only are they great for those that want to stay Green, they also float if you happen to lose them in the water! Love the round hippy look and choose from a ton of different lens colors!...
Bamboo Fashion Sunglasses 2017
From $63.95
Item Description Beautiful handmade bamboo sunglasses are what's hot this summer! Not only are they serious trend setters, but they're handy when at the beach or on a boat. Why? They float! Don't worry about losing your sweet sunglasses to the bottom of the lake or in the surf. The...
Wood Leopard Print Sunglasses
From $54.95
Item Description One of the recent trend setters are the wooden and bamboo sunglasses. This pair features leopard print with the option of many different colors of lenses. Fashionable and great for the beach or relaxing on a boat ride. Even better? They float if they happen to fall into the...

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