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Mommy's Infinite Love Bracelet
Item Description: This infinity love mommy bracelet is a great maternity gift for any mother. Whether you're expecting or have been a mom for years, these bracelets are a great way to show others that you will always love your children and are proud of being a mom. Always a...
Mama Bear Fashion Necklace
Product Description: No one comes between a mama and her cubs! This sweet and chic mama bear necklace is the perfect gift for that protective mama bear in your life! Let the woman that you love know that you are proud of her protective and nurturing nature. Show her that...
Victorian Mother & Child Pendant
Victorian Mother & Child Pendant
Item Description: This iconic mother and child pendant is sure to please the woman and the mother in your life. The portrait depicts a mother and child in victorian dress and design. Shown are a mother and swaddled infant with the mother gazing down at her child with love and adoration....
Maternity Pendants
Item Description: Maternity pendants and mandalas are a wonderful gift to give the mother in your life. The beauty of Da Vinci's fetus art is depicted on a lovely pendant and a great gift for an expecting mother. The serenity of the mandala artwork depicted on the various pendants is another beautiful...

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