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Child & Toddler GPS Smart Watch
Product Descript: Are you one of the many parents that are constantly worried about your child getting lost? If you are then this watch is the perfect item for you and your child. We always do our level best to keep our children within eyesight, but sometimes they can slip...
Ultimate Mini Foldable Drone
From $92.95
Product Descript: This ultimate fold-able drone isn't just any drone. Not only can you choose to take a great selfie, you can upload that selfie with the wifi that's it's equipped with! All of these features and more can be yours for about half the price that you'd find elsewhere...
Original SYMA X5 - 6 Axis Drone
From $55.95
Product Description: Drones! You aren't going to find a better deal than right here at Magical Duck! This is the toy that both children and adults have been begging for. If you're looking for a great deal on a drone, we've got you covered! Choose your own set that's perfect...
Extra Large Whale Shark Plush Toy
From $17.95
Product Descript: This extra large whale shark plush toy is a great gift for toddlers and small children. Not only can you indulge in their love of wildlife, you can give them something to climb and play on. These stuffed whale sharks are offered here at about half the cost...
Elsa and Anna Ice Castle Building Blocks - 316 pieces
From $24.95
Product Description: Lego compatible! The 316 piece Elsa and Anna Princess Ice Castle gives your little girl the ability to build Elsa's magical castle and delve into the imaginary princess's story. When completed, the castle is 3 stories tall. Comes with 2 princesses and their snowman friend!  Product Details: Type:...
LED Teddy Bear
Product Descript: Soft and cuddly! This LED teddy bear is a great idea for boys and girls from toddlers to teens! If your little one is afraid of the dark, this great big teddy bear will chase away their fears! This big guy is great for snuggling and more! Product...
XXL Giant Plush Bear
XXL Giant Plush Bear
Product Descript: Who needs a sleeping bag or even a bed when you can curl up on the huge tummy of this enormous stuffed teddy bear? This 200cm super soft plush toy is the ultimate gift for the child that adores their stuffed animals! This is a great toy for...
Pirates Building Blocks
From $92.95
Product Descript: Compatible with other building blocks! Do you have what it takes to sail the 7 seas? Choose which ships you'll be sailing to the Carribean! Each set has everything that you need to build one pirate ship. Will you sail the ghost ship or will you choose to sail...
Large Plush Elephant Pillow Cushion
Product Descript: It's always difficult to find the perfect item for babies. When you're shopping for a holiday or occasion you can never seem to find just the right kind of toy that a baby will grow into and have it continue to be useful and bring them joy. This...

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