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Gyro Bowl
Item Description: Spill resistant toddler and child's bowl. This bowl has a 360-degree rotation capability that allows toddlers to carry their snacks and munchies around without having to worry about accidental spills. No matter which way your child twists and turns, the bowl is designed to swivel in response so that...
Portable Chair Harness
Item Description: This handy harness fits over the back of a chair and allows your toddler or baby to sit in safety. It's perfect for restaurants that don't carry highchairs or when you're away from home and need to feed the baby in safety. The harness is adjustable and fits...
Safety Seat
Item Description: Nothing is as important as your child's safety. When it comes to your toddler sitting in a regular chair, you may not always have the option of a booster seat. This portable safety seat is designed to fit over the back of a chair allowing you to fasten...

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