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Bebear Hipseat Carrier
Item Description: The Bebear Hipseat Carrier is designed to keep your baby's posture and leg placement at the proper angles so as to avoid the possibility of bow-leggedness. It comes with a folding headrest and is made of high-quality breathable fabric for your baby's comfort. Equipped with 3rd generation seat...
New Baby Backpack Manduca Infant Carrier by Bethbear
Item Description: This face to face carrier also offers three other carrying options. Aside from the face to face position, you will be able to position your baby in the kangaroo position, cross arm carry, and backpack carry. The carrier is fashioned of high-quality material and comes with an adjustable...
Infant & Toddler Baby Carrier with Hipseat.
Item Description: This baby carrier offers added support with its unique hip seat attachment and design. The hip seat is pediatrician recommended to keep your baby from the possibility of developing bow legs if carried much of the time. The state of the art design and breathable material is perfect for...
Front Facing Baby Carrier
Front Facing Baby Carrier
Item Description: This fantastic design offers, even more, security and comfort when carrying your infant. The cross straps in back allow for extra support and safety. This carrier allows baby to face mom or face forward. The comfortable forward seating allows your baby to be carried for long distances without...
Beth Bear Baby Carrier
Item Description: Breathable multifunctional new ergonomic baby sling. Front Facing kangaroo baby bag and infant wrap. This baby carrier allows for multiple ways with which to carry your baby. You can use this carrier to carry in the front or back. Use as a backpack or kangaroo hold. Can be...
Mom's Combination Sweatshirt with Hoody and Baby Carrier
Item Description: Quite possibly the greatest hoodie ever made for moms. If you're after going out on a crisp or cool day or need to be out in the evening, this hoodie is a great accessory for snuggling your baby and keeping warm. You'll fall in love with how comfortable...
Daddy Chen's Side Carry Baby Carrier
Item Description: This basket style side sling carrier is perfect for nursing mothers. The adjustable, yet secure, harness system allows for easy adjustments while still ensuring your child's safety. The sling comes with a wide pad for extra shoulder comfort while carrying your infant. With its special design, it will...
EGMAO Infant Wrap
From $27.95
Item Description: This particular baby carrier is also known as the baby sling or an Infant wrap. These types of baby carriers are well known for their ability to be worn in many different ways, which, in turn, allows you the freedom of changing the baby's position. The many different...
Good Baby Carrier Newborn to Toddler
Item Description: Added back support allows you to carry your baby for hours with perfect ease. The side angle support helps mom and dad from the discomfort of curving their spine in an effort to maintain baby's weight.  This carrier is designed to support the parent just as much as...

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