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Keeping The Magic Alive
Jennifer Campbell
Keeping The Magic Alive

Keeping The Magic Alive

Is your child getting too old to believe in Santa? Surely not. Though you knew that it was going to happen eventually, there are a couple of ways that you can extend the magic of Santa Claus for at least one more year. I've, personally, gone out of my way to keep the idea of Santa alive. Why not? There are too many people shoving, "reality" down your child's throat every day. Keeping the magic alive for extraordinary things is part of a parent's job. While we nurture our children's minds, there's no reason to keep them from dreaming and being children. Don't be so hasty to get them to grow up because when it finally happens, you're going to miss it terribly.

1. The Christmas Eve Santa Visit

If your child is around 7 or 8 and has decided that there is no such thing as Santa Claus, that might be alright unless they're also telling the younger kids that there is no such thing. This has happened many times and the best way to cure that is a little visit by Saint Nick. The idea is a simple one. Call up a friend that can pull off a great Santa impersonation and rent a red suit for them. Buy one small gift for each child in the household to go in Santa's bag. I suggest padding the bag with some empty boxes to fill the bag out and make it look full. Wrap the presents that you're going to be giving out and there you go. Full bag. Right before bed, have your jolly friend knock on the door at a specific time. You can go to the door to make sure that it's truly your friend that's there and then tell your doubting child that it's for them or you can simply have the child answer the door if you feel that it's safe enough to do so. When they open the door, get ready, because this is going to be good. This little trick has worked many times and the absolute shock on your child's face is priceless. Score 1 for the parents!

2. The Sleigh

This one is way easier to pull off if you have snow. Reindeer and sleigh tracks in front of the house. After the kids go to bed, go outside and make tracks in the snow. Whatever you use to make the sleigh marks, make sure that you get them straight! You can drag a piece of lumber to make the sleigh tracks. The reindeer tracks are a little trickier. If you hunt, I suggest making a cast of some prints while you're out roaming. If you don't hunt, find the proper print online and print it, cut it out, and find something to make a giant stamp. If you need to cover your tracks, walk backward in your own tracks and fill them in with snow as you go. As a nice touch, get some carrots at the grocery store that have the stems still attached. Break them at various points and toss a few of them around the animal tracks. Make sure you're throwing the leafy parts out there with a little of the carrot still there. Instant reindeer snacks.

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