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Welcome to Your World, Chapter 6
Jennifer Wonderling

Feeling Good...

 Aside from the normal bouts of feeling a little yucky, I've been running around like normal and all seems to be well. I don't think that Dustin likes my little mood swings so much, but these things are to be expected. He's taking it in stride, though, and goes out of his way to do things to make me happy. What, exactly, is making me happy? Ice! Chopped up, crushed, ice! I must eat ice. I think I'm going through at least 3 cups a day from the local mini mart.

 Not Tired...

 I'm not able to sleep very much at present but I'm not really tired. I was, at first, with the last one, but this tiny mite seems to be changing things up. I've been up quite a lot writing and doing other things in the middle of the night. It's not exactly the best thing in the world when you have a toddler to chase after every day, but it probably won't last. If you've never been pregnant, you may find that you have periods of energy and then periods where you just want to curl up and sleep. This is pretty normal. No pregnancy is ever really the same as the other. I have found that, during my pregnancies, the babies chose to bounce around between 3 and 5 am. You either learn to sleep through it or let it keep you up all night. Trust me when I say that you'll probably learn to sleep through it. You'll be tired enough.

 Leg Cramps...

 I woke up the other morning and stretched my legs out and suddenly... oh damn!! A cramp seized my calf and it made me gasp. I did not miss that!! Some things you expect and some you don't and even when you know you'll get those cramps, when it happens it's like someone smacking you upside the head and yelling, “surprise!”. Lol It's true! The trick that always works for me is to bend your foot at the ankle and point your toes toward your shin. This always relieves the cramping for me. Here's hoping that it works for you too!

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