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Welcome to Your World, Chapter 3
Jennifer Wonderling

Week 6

  Insurance Company Hell...

  I still haven't found a doctor. Well, yes, I did, but he's nearly an hour away. It seems that a vast majority of the OBGYN doctors in the area don't take my insurance. Needless to say, this is causing me no end of trouble. To make matters worse, it seems that I'm already experiencing the early signs of morning sickness. I only hope that it doesn't get as bad as I had it with my first child. Right now it's only certain foods that are making me feel yucky. If this is as bad as it gets, I'll count myself lucky!

  An Honest Blog -In-Laws...

  Ladies, most of you may have had experience with one or two of your in-laws...well...being less than impressed with your existence. To be true to an honest blog, I'll admit to a few of my own in-laws being unimpressed that I'm pregnant. Though it does rankle and it does hurt a feeling or two, I didn't decide to have a child for any of them. I chose to make the man that I love an even happier man. If this means that they like me even less, then I suppose that's their own problem.

   The Secret- or Not So Secret- Yearning for a Girl...

  Dustin knows how badly I'm desiring a girl. To be honest, since my last two children have been boys, I'm missing little pink dresses and bloomers. With two teenage daughters and the youngest daughter having the desire to be around cars and building blocks, I don't have any little girls to dress up at the moment! I went past a display of newborn clothes and ground to a halt the other day. After so many babies, it still amazes me that they can be so tiny when they're born. The clothes are so teeny! If it's a little boy I'll be happy as well. Still, the little pink and white dresses drew my eye and I just couldn't help myself.

 To Sum It Up...

  So, this week has been a little blah. Still no doctor, a dip in my “family social status”, and little girl daydreams! Nothing too crazy and nothing too intense, thank heavens! I'm hoping that everything evens out and that certain people come around to the idea of the new addition to the family. No matter what, Dustin and I will love the baby to pieces. 

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