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Welcome to Your World, Chapter 2
Jennifer Wonderling

Week 5

 Finding a Doctor...

 This week has been a little annoying. I'm unable to see my previous doctor due to my husband's new work schedule. It seems that I would have to make certain appointments for later in the day when the doctor is available and I won't be able to do that. It's still early so I've got a little time to shop around. I'm trying to find a practice that still employs a midwife. I've found that I prefer them over the doctors. They're much more personal and caring.

 Morning sickness... 

So far, the only thing that I'm having to deal with is gagging. My sinuses have chosen to get funky lately and, as I'm sure you've all experienced when your sinuses drain down the back of your throat, it isn't pleasant. Sinus drainage plus feeling like you're going to gag isn't a great combination. Needless to say, I've been gagging a lot the last couple of days. I'm not going to complain too much because I know that it could be worse.


I rather enjoy jalapenos from time to time. Every once in a while I'll go get a jalapeno cheddar burger to munch on. I bought one the other day and took a big bite thinking that this was going to be so yummy! One bite and my whole mouth lit up as if on fire and then my throat started to burn. That, in turn, made me cough and then gag some more. Say it isn't so!! I'm becoming sensitive to hot things! It's looking like I'm not going to be eating anything spicy for a while. This just proved to me, all over again, that each pregnancy is different. With my last child, I was craving jalapenos and ate them all the time with no ill effects.


 Over the last week, I've caught Dustin staring at me with a little smile on his face. Every once in a while he's looked at me and said, “Hey honey, guess what?” I'd answer with a, “What?” to have him say, “We're going to have a baby.” It's pretty obvious how excited he is!

I'm not sure when it ends up becoming “real” that you're going to have a baby. I suppose that for some people it becomes “real” immediately, but for me, it usually doesn't really sink in until much later. It's one thing to know that you're pregnant but it's another thing entirely as to when it truly sinks in. There's the initial, “I'm pregnant” and then there's the “OMG I'm having a baby.” If you've ever had a child, you probably understand what I'm saying. For those of you that haven't had a child yet; it's something that you may just have to experience yourself. A good portion of the time, it becomes “real” when you go in for your visit and they find the heartbeat for you. The soft, “Whir whir whir” of the baby's heartbeat echoing through the room is definitely a game changer! Once you hear that for the first time, you can then start to speculate on what the gender of the baby is by how many beats per minute there are.


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